How to give medicine to a child

Every adult knows that it is quite difficult to get a child to drink a drug, especially if the drug has a bitter taste. In this case, the baby can cry, be capricious and resist. To avoid such problems when you need to take medication, to save time and to save your nerves, try to follow a few simple rules.

Tell your baby about the need for treatment

Before use, be sure to read the instructions, paying particular attention to contraindications and possible side effects. Try to tell your child in simple words why this medicine is needed, explain what diseases it helps. If the baby shows interest in this, the likelihood that he will take the drug will increase.

Make your medication a game

Taking the medication can be turned into an exciting game so that the treatment procedure does not cause negative emotions in the baby. For example, tell your child a story about evil germs about to invade the body and about drug heroes going to fight villains. Get the kid interested in your story, so that he wants to help the good heroes. However, do not allow your child to play with medicines and give all means out of your hands. It is necessary to store drugs out of the reach of children. Medication should be taken only under your supervision.

Tell your baby the truth

Taste the medicine you are going to give your child. If the bitter preparation must be taken separately from food, invite your child to wash it down with slightly sweetened boiled water. Please note that you should not deceive your baby about the taste of the potion or pill. Otherwise, the child will stop trusting you, and in the future, taking medications will be problematic. Do not mix the drug with a product that is included in the children’s daily diet, for example, with yogurt or cottage cheese. The unpleasant taste of the medicine can interrupt the taste of food, which in the future will cause the baby’s disgust for this product.

Don’t insist on taking medication

If the baby spits out the medicine, do not try to give it again, especially if the child begins to scream and resist. This will only increase negative attitudes towards treatment. Do not insist or persuade your baby to take the drug if he has already refused to do so. Try offering the medication to your child when he calms down, or next time choose the medication you need in a different form that is more convenient to take (powder, suspension, drops, etc.). Do not scold your child for not wanting to be treated, and praise him for not being afraid to take medication.

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