Tempering the child

Hardening is a complex of procedures aimed at strengthening immunity and increasing the body’s resistance to environmental influences. Parents should take special care in hardening their children. Remember two basic principles: consistency and consistency. Water-air procedures must be carried out daily so that the baby’s body gradually gets used to the low temperature.

Hardening a child up to 3 years old

Hardening can begin from the second month of the baby’s life. Every evening before bathing, place the baby on the changing table for an air bath and gently massage his back, abdomen and feet for 15 minutes. The temperature in the children’s room should not exceed +22 ° C. Before bathing, check that the temperature of the water in the bathroom is at least + 37 ° C. Dip the baby several times, and then douse the baby with water, the temperature of which is 10 ° C lower than the one in which you bathed him. It is necessary to pour water over the baby from head to toe, however, in the case of infants, pediatricians recommend pouring water in a thin stream, first on the heels, then on the spine and head. It is necessary to reduce the temperature of the water in the bathroom gradually, the decrease should be stopped when it reaches +18 ° C.

Note! Before starting the water-air procedures, be sure to consult your pediatrician. If the baby is diagnosed with chronic diseases, and you cannot make a final decision on the need for hardening, consult a doctor. 

Hardening a child up to 3 years old

If the baby is already 3 years old, pediatricians recommend starting hardening at the end of spring, when the child’s body has fully recovered after the winter period. The procedure is carried out in the following order

Warm up

The warm-up should be carried out within 5-7 minutes. It is necessary for warming up the body and contributes to the physical development of the child.


For rubbing, you can use a cold towel or sponge gloves. The procedure is carried out within 1-2 minutes. In this case, the air temperature in the room must be at least +22 ° С. Wipe dry with a towel after rubbing.

Dousing with water

Dousing with water is carried out 2 months after the start of the procedure. The water temperature must be at least +20 ° С. The procedure must be carried out daily, and the water temperature should be reduced every 7-10 days. The douche is usually done in the morning, unless the child is ill. Hardening should be resumed only after the baby has fully recovered. In this case, the temperature of the water for pouring should already be 2-3 ° C higher than the one at which you stopped the last time.

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