Month: February 2021

Fathers smoking leads to ADHD in their grandchildren

Scientists at Florida State University found that children were more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) if their grandfather smoked.   In experiments on mice, scientists gave males drinking water with small doses of nicotine and analyzed their semen. Then these “smoking” mice were mated with “non-smoking” females. The offspring were generally normal, but the children of “smoking” males showed behavioral disorders – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cognitive rigidity (that is, rigidity, inertia of thinking, difficulty in switching from one concept to another). During the experiment, mice from this offspring mated and gave birth to offspring (grandchildren of “smoking” males), which also showed cognitive rigidity… Read More

When does a child need a neuropsychologist?

Neuropsychology is one of the most popular areas at present in the work with children. When does a child need the help of a neuropsychologist? How does a specialist work with children? What methods of neuropsychology have proven to be the most effective? Child’s psyche and neuropsychology Child neuropsychology is also one of the branches of clinical psychology, which deals with the study of cerebral features and their connection with child behavior. Experts have proven that the child’s psyche and its processes are closely related to the features of the child’s cognitive system – memory, imagination, attention, thinking, speech, perception, emotions. Neuropsychologists study a child’s… Read More

ADHD in children: 13 signs common in girls

Today, about 5% of children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, that is, every 20th child in the world. At the same time, scientists speak of a very high probability that this figure is underestimated. Insufficient surveys in developing countries, the usual labels of “hooligans”, “mischievous” and sometimes hereditary “Cs” (the likelihood of developing ADHD can be inherited), in which no one takes the child to a specialist, lead to an underestimation of statistics. However, there is one more factor that influences the diagnosis – the sex of the child. MedAboutMe talks about the differences in ADHD in girls and boys.  Child gender and attention deficit… Read More

Neurological diagnoses of young children and parental fears

After the birth of a baby, parents have a lot of trouble, and inexperienced mothers and fathers are worried about the appearance in the child’s card of various diagnoses, consisting of abbreviations, mysterious and frightening. Children are still very tiny, and any deviations in their state of health, especially if it is the brain, can further result in serious developmental disorders of the baby – physical or mental. But are diagnoses and terrible letters in the card so dangerous? Parenting experiences: real and contrived Parents are especially concerned about diagnoses concerning the state of the child’s brain and nervous system, exposed almost… Read More