Month: November 2020

Body-oriented exercise for children with hyperactivity

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are different from their peers. Interaction with them requires a special approach from parents and teachers. It manifests itself in special methods of education and training, allowing you to concentrate attention, structure activities and relax. For the full development of the mental functions of a child with ADHD, conditions are necessary that would allow him to control impulsivity and train perseverance. Currently, school psychologists and teachers pay a lot of attention to students with mobile and unstable mental processes. Among them, a special allocation of time, which is reflected in active and passive learning, exercises that allow you… Read More

Hyperactive children: problems of parents or doctors?

Several decades ago, neurologists seriously started talking about a special condition of school-age children – hyperactivity syndrome, often combined with attention and memory disorders. Today, parents are increasingly turning to specialists with similar problems that create difficulties in raising a child and his social adaptation, schooling. The reasons for this state have not been fully identified and its assessment is often subjective, but the influence of stresses and loads, developmental characteristics and other factors has already been proven. New diagnosis in children or overdiagnosis? Today, hyperactivity, which is often combined with attention deficit, is already considered a diagnosis in neurology, and even… Read More

How to deal with a hyperactive child?

A hyperactive child is characterized by restlessness, scattered attention, and behavioral disorders. It is difficult to say exactly what reasons provoke the appearance of this diagnosis in children. Experts say that pathologies during pregnancy, an unfavorable ecological environment, and infectious diseases, injuries at birth, or injuries suffered in early childhood can contribute to its appearance .   A child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is impulsive, often distracted, it is difficult for him to do something for a certain time, because of which he gets problems in learning and interaction with other people – parents, peers, teachers. These behavioral manifestations occur at the age of 3 to 5… Read More

Hyperactive child: recommendations for parents, treatment

Advice to parents of a hyperactive child, including medical treatment, should be obtained from a qualified healthcare professional. And it is imperative to get them, since excessive physical activity can cause discomfort for both the baby and his parents. Previously, experts believed that the baby’s hyperactivity was evidence of his minimal mental disorder. However, today, excessive hyperactivity has been singled out as an independent ailment, calling it ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). ADHD – what is it Children with ADHD suffer from excessive activity, they are restless, easily distracted, impulsive, whiny. Very often, these children are ahead of their peers in intellectual development. The first symptoms of… Read More

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children

The activity and cheerfulness of a child is a normal phenomenon, which indicates that he is healthy and developing as it should be at his age. But some children, in comparison with their peers, are much more active. Previously, they were called fidgets and fidgets, but modern medicine has given a clear scientific definition of such behavior – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (or ADHD) – and has developed a fairly clear strategy for treating this diagnosis and a number of recommendations for parents of such children.  Symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children In children at an early age, it is quite difficult to determine… Read More

How to relieve an overactive bladder?

An overactive bladder is a disease that is much more common than is commonly thought. About 17% of middle-aged people suffer from this disease. However, only a few are willing to see a doctor with this problem. What should you know about this condition and how can you avoid it? Reasons for the development of an overactive bladder An overactive bladder (OAB) is a pathology characterized by strong and sudden urge to urinate, but is not associated with lower urinary tract infections. Overactive bladder syndrome does not pose a threat to a person’s life, but significantly worsens its quality. Statistics say that both middle-aged… Read More

Disaster kid: how to deal with hyperactivity in children?

Children cannot spend a minute in one place. Is it pampering or hyperactivity? According to research, almost 20% of children today suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Features of a child: what is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Having barely started one thing, the kid leaves him and takes on another. Pours toys out of the box, immediately runs to the kitchen, knocking over a plate of cookies as he runs. Embarrassed, he begins to clean up, but again throws it and runs into the room. As a result, the day turns into a senseless running around. Parents complain that the child constantly drops or breaks something. Well,… Read More