Hyperactive child: recommendations for parents, treatment

Advice to parents of a hyperactive child, including medical treatment, should be obtained from a qualified healthcare professional. And it is imperative to get them, since excessive physical activity can cause discomfort for both the baby and his parents. Previously, experts believed that the baby’s hyperactivity was evidence of his minimal mental disorder. However, today, excessive hyperactivity has been singled out as an independent ailment, calling it ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

ADHD – what is it

Children with ADHD suffer from excessive activity, they are restless, easily distracted, impulsive, whiny. Very often, these children are ahead of their peers in intellectual development. The first symptoms of the syndrome can be seen in the second or third year of a baby’s life. However, parents are in no hurry to pay attention to these signs, so at school the child begins to have difficulties with learning. That is why it is necessary to show the baby to a specialist as soon as possible, who will give recommendations to the parents of a hyperactive child and prescribe medical treatment.  

First symptoms

Usually the first symptoms appear at an early age. Children with the syndrome stand out especially against the background of other babies. They are in constant motion, they do not finish what they started, they often cry, they are constantly distracted by various little things. That is why it is necessary to see a specialist as early as possible, who will give recommendations to the parents of a hyperactive child, and timely and correct will be appointed. Such children must learn to calm down and adapt to the group of their peers.  


A hyperactive kid constantly tries to climb somewhere, he behaves noisy and restlessly, talks all the time, is not able to listen to the end, sticks to others. If these symptoms continue for more than six months, the child needs to be shown to a specialist – a neuropathologist or psychologist, who can conduct an examination and determine if any serious diseases are the cause of this syndrome.  


The diagnosis of this syndrome is carried out in three stages. The first stage begins with collecting information about the baby. The specialist finds out how the childbirth and pregnancy went , studies the baby’s medical history, learns more about how he is raised in the family. Based on the collected facts, a subjective assessment of behavior is presented. At the second stage, a psychological examination takes place. For this, special tests have been developed to diagnose the child’s attention. The third stage includes a hardware examination, which is carried out using an electroencephalogram and magnetic resonance imaging. By putting all the information together, the doctor can determine ADHD and decide if there is a need for special treatment. 

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