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Hyperactivity is a cross or a gift from God

    A hyperactive child has a neurological status from birth. Most likely, the birth was of a pathological nature, for example, premature or rapid. In the future, the child develops neurological symptoms such as pulsation of the fontanelle, prolonged non-tightening of the cranial sutures, hypertonicity, constant regurgitation after feeding, standing on tiptoe, etc. But the plasticity of the brain structures, in childhood, is able to compensate for the missing connections and the child is removed from the register of the neuropathologist, and the parents are left with his behavioral characteristics.      Hyperactivity is more often characteristic of children with a choleric type of temperament, which… Read More

The child was diagnosed with ADHD, hyperactivity, autism, mental retardation

Often, for many parents, a diagnosis in the direction of his child sounds like a sentence and there are fewer reasons for joy. Let’s try to figure out how to relate to this:    1. Diagnoses are made by doctors, for example: neurologists, psychiatrists and neuropathologists and often make them on the first day of the child’s examination, I focus on the child’s behavior in the examination situation. That is why the diagnosis is often not true, because the child is looked at in a narrow situation, where he does not feel free and has not even adapted to the person and the… Read More

Hyperactivity and ADHD in a child. Correction with TDT

Childhood hyperactivity is a collection of symptoms associated with excessive mental and motor activity. This is a complex behavior disorder, manifested in inappropriate excessive motor activity, impaired concentration, inability to organize, purposeful activity. A little from the history of the issue In the middle of the 19th century, the German neuropsychiatrist Heinrich Hoffmann was the first to describe an overly mobile child and gave him the nickname Fidget Phil. Since the 60s of the 20th century, doctors began to distinguish such a condition as pathological and called it minimal brain dysfunction (minimal disorder of brain function). Since the 80s of the twentieth century,… Read More

Child’s hyperactivity – diagnosis or spoiledness?

All parents have different assessments of the normal development of their children. For some, it is normal for a child to be quiet and calm, for others, a healthy child should run, jump and talk, and when he is quiet and calm, it means he is ill. There is no single criterion in this matter. First of all, it is worth remembering the temperament. A child is born with a certain temperament and the development of their baby depends on how parents react to what is laid down by nature. There are several classifications by temperament. 1.Sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic. 2. Sanguine, choleric… Read More

In the West, hyperactivity in children is treated with amphetamine analogues. Why?

In the treatment of children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in the West, the drug “Ritalin” is actively used. In its pharmacological action and composition, it resembles amphetamine. This is a kind of doping that raises mood, increases self-confidence, attention, and, surprisingly, invigorates. Although, it would seem, why should a hyperactive child be even more cheerful, because it is already difficult for him to sit still. But this is where the scientific paradox lies, which I will discuss below! Ritalin helps patients in 75% of cases and in a relatively short period of time. But in Russia, this drug is prohibited, because equates to… Read More

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

From the author: For the first time, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was talked about at the beginning of the 20th century (more precisely, in 1902) in connection with the observation of hyperactive children in the psychiatric department of the hospital. A lot of material has been written and researched about childhood ADHD. The spread of symptoms to adults, or the isolation of the adult variant of ADHD, has been talked about recently, in the last 10 years. We will consider in more detail in the article.  Since the description of symptoms, the disorder has gone by various names before being referred to as ADHD. The… Read More

Autism and ADHD, hyperactivity with autism traits – how to understand, how to figure it out?

How do autism, ACh and ADHD go together, and do they go together? To understand this topic, you have to start from the very beginning. And more specifically, from the fact that in medicine, two approaches, syndromic and nosological, coexist and complement each other . A syndromic approach is one that allows you to describe a person’s condition using “sets” of signs (symptoms). For example: depressive syndrome, includes symptoms such as low mood, anhedonia, guilt, etc. or hallucinatory-delusional syndrome with an inherent sensation of “voices” and attempts to explain their appearance by the influence of “invisible spy beams” or “the action of extraterrestrial intelligence.” But a smart doctor who thinks nosologically (trying to get to the… Read More

Fairytale therapy of children’s problems. Hyperactivity

From the author: A fairy tale is truly magical power.       A hyperactive child is characterized by constant motor restlessness, problems with concentration, impulsivity, and “uncontrollable” behavior. Research shows that this syndrome occurs in about 20% of school-age children, with boys being four times more likely than girls. The “intolerance” and “uncontrollability” of these children causes a lot of trouble to those around them – teachers, educators, peers and parents. Many parents ask the question “what to do?” and feel helpless and guilty about their child’s behavior.     I work in a school, and hyperactive children constantly come to me to unload emotionally. They are very fond of working… Read More

Is it possible to reduce hyperactivity by changing the preference for red?

From the author: Hyperactivity disorder is most often a manifestation of MMD (minimal brain dysfunction). It manifests itself most clearly at 3-6 years old and requires serious complex treatment to cope with this problem by school age. Changing the color preference from red to blue through psychotherapy can help a child reduce hyperactivity.  Probably everyone knows about the role of the influence of color on mood and even on well-being through the influence of color on the nervous system.The “language” of flowers is international: it is not associated with either race or culture. Scientists have proven that even on animals, colors have the same effect… Read More

Hyperactivity, ADHD, MMD – how to help a child?

Here are some tips that will help not only children diagnosed with hyperactivity, attention deficit and ADHD , but also those who have certain difficulties with behavior, attention, memory, adherence to rules and requirements, difficulty in learning. Such simple and seemingly self-evident thoughts cause more protest and surprise in parents than following the most sophisticated diets and complex correctional programs. Let someone be indignant at the banality of the material below, but if a parent or teacher does not even accept this , then all other psychological calculations and “difficulties” simply do not make sense. 1. Do not get irritated or saturate the child with your irritation . The balance of… Read More