Children and hyperactivity

Dear adults! I am a hyperactive child. If you press the brake pedal in a car, it will travel many, many more meters before it stops. All drivers know that it is necessary to stop the car gradually. I’m like this car – a big and powerful truck.

Activity is about me. I can’t sit still. My arms and legs are always in motion. Also, I don’t sleep well.

I want to answer the question before I finish listening to it. I am very chatty, I talk always and everywhere and even alone with myself. I interrupt other children and adults. I am often asked to shut up. Sometimes there are so many of me that there is no one around.

I am constantly scolded. I am very offended and therefore worried. Criticism never helped me. It makes me even more restless. I try very hard to be good, but over time I get really bad. Then I get angry – a lot and a lot. Adults turn into enemies for me, because they only scold and punish. I always closely follow your emotions and get very infected from them. If you yell at me, I will only become more excited and active.

It’s very difficult for me to control myself. I very often do not hear my own thoughts, and it is even more difficult for me to hear you. If I am an older brother or sister, it is especially difficult for me. All the adults around demand that I take care of the younger ones. But I can’t control myself either. These are all signs of my hyperactivity.

Many scientists thought how to help children like me. And it turned out that in order for me to be successful I need:

– Help me keep a routine in everything (sleep, food, clothes, lessons). Even on my desk there should be order – the same things in the same place. Everything I do should be cyclical and constantly repeating. That’s the only way I’m learning.

– Emotional behavior on the part of the elders is contraindicated for me. Everything that is said and done should be done and said calmly. No extra emotions.

– During my classes there should be no external stimuli. Extra objects, TV, brother or sister distract me very much.

– I can not do lessons for a long time and without a break. This will provoke my arousal.

– Computer and TV should be moderately limited.

– I constantly need the supervision of specialists: teachers, psychologists, neurologists and medical support.

– I need to be taught to communicate correctly and constructively with other children and adults.

Everyone thinks I’m spoiled and ill-mannered, but I just can’t stop in time. This is a feature of my nervous system and brain. And I so want to be successful, like all children, and to be praised.

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