Month: December 2021

Children’s hyperactivity – teachers delirium or reality ?!

A child is who – first of all, it is still a very small world, ready to constantly cognize and cognize, expand and expand … Who are teachers, especially of primary grades – these are, first of all, people who, according to their vocation, must and are obliged to expand this little world that children are trying to learn. But often in schools, they often label more active kids with the label of Hyperactivity. And this would be nothing if not for what I have to meet with as an employee of the Psychological and Legal Center. The appeal of one… Read More

Hyperactivity … or the story of a boy who saved his mom

Once, in the children’s ward of a psychiatric clinic, a nurse told child psychoanalyst Claude Schoder about an “amazing” little patient who was not affected by Ritalin (a drug prescribed for ADHD).  His parents brought him to the hospital, as they could no longer endure his hyperexcitation and activity. They obsessively gave him medicine, but the drug, which was supposed to calm the child, had absolutely no effect. In response to the nurse’s story, Claude showed surprise on his face, but said nothing, since he had already met the boy and knew the reason why the treatment was not working.  A boy in round… Read More

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Reasons for the popularity of the diagnosis

The information presented in this article does not claim to be the ultimate truth, but only reflects the point of view of its author. This diagnosis is made quite often, especially when parents turn to a psychologist with a child’s problem behavior, which either does not obey them, or does not do well at school, or both the first and the second. The United States and Western civilization are driving the detection and treatment of this disorder. In the World Health Organization, it is customary to use the international classification of diseases, according to which ADHD is a “neurological-behavioral disorder”. Symptoms of… Read More

Childhood hyperactivity. Causes of ADHD

By the nature of my work, I often advise parents on the issues of correction, interaction, education and development of a hyperactive child. Some parents ask, “Why did the child develop hyperactivity?” This article is devoted to the answer to this question.  The causes of ADHD have not yet been fully elucidated, despite a large number of studies in this direction. However, at the present stage, three groups of reasons for the development of the syndrome are dominant: damage to the central nervous system during pregnancy and childbirth (occurs in 84%); genetic factors (found in 57% of cases); negative effect of intrafamilial factors (63%… Read More

HYPERACTIVITY. What should parents do?

While working as a child psychologist, I observe such a picture that the number of requests from parents on the issue of hyperactive behavior of children is increasing from year to year. Some parents come for a consultation with a diagnosis of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Someone himself diagnoses his child. Of course, the doctor makes the diagnosis. A psychologist can help parents understand this issue. Most often, a hyperactive child has:  – excessive motor activity, inability to sit in one place, anxiety and fussiness, numerous extraneous movements that the child often does not notice;  – excessive talkativeness; – reduced sleep duration; – Impaired motor coordination… Read More