Hyperactivity … or the story of a boy who saved his mom

Once, in the children’s ward of a psychiatric clinic, a nurse told child psychoanalyst Claude Schoder about an “amazing” little patient who was not affected by Ritalin (a drug prescribed for ADHD). 

His parents brought him to the hospital, as they could no longer endure his hyperexcitation and activity. They obsessively gave him medicine, but the drug, which was supposed to calm the child, had absolutely no effect. In response to the nurse’s story, Claude showed surprise on his face, but said nothing, since he had already met the boy and knew the reason why the treatment was not working. 

A boy in round glasses stood in front of him and studied Claude closely.

– Mom suffers … I know that it is hard for her when I behave like that. But let her hit me, let her swear … it will at least make her get out of bed … – he said. 

– Do you swallow the pills they give you? – Claude asked

– I have a stomach ache from this medicine and I say that I need to go to the toilet and throw them away.

The mother of this child was depressed, which the family used to take for fatigue. The only thing he could do was try to stir her up.

In any open source, you can find the reasons for hyperactivity:

– any problems during pregnancy and childbirth

– infections and intoxication in the first years of a baby’s life

– genetic predisposition

– minimal brain dysfunction

It’s amazing how much the modern scientific world is focused on finding the biological causes of mental pathologies!

The child resists the depression of the mother who cannot get out of bed, or spends a lot of time in front of the computer, or is under pressure from the parents regarding school, or the burden of other psychological pressure is placed on his shoulders … There are endless examples that provoke hyperexcitability, today, in this case, doctors prescribe Ritalin, which calms the child to an obedient and calm state.   

One gets the impression that society does not know other answers to the question of how to treat such pathologies, except for prescribing a child drug and general recommendations in the form of observing the daily regimen, creating a calm environment and training (“repeat your request in an even voice until the child will hear “), while we should ring the bell that there is something in our society that drives children crazy. 

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