Children’s hyperactivity – teachers delirium or reality ?!

A child is who – first of all, it is still a very small world, ready to constantly cognize and cognize, expand and expand …

Who are teachers, especially of primary grades – these are, first of all, people who, according to their vocation, must and are obliged to expand this little world that children are trying to learn.

But often in schools, they often label more active kids with the label of Hyperactivity. And this would be nothing if not for what I have to meet with as an employee of the Psychological and Legal Center.

The appeal of one of the clients interested me very much, she called me and said: “My son is in the 1st grade at a school in K. Belgorod region The teacher complains to me about my boy’s hyperactivity and sends him to the school doctor, and the doctor sends me and my child to a child psychiatrist for the second time in a row, and she prescribes strong medications for him. drugs. I do not know what to do? I bought it for the first time, gave it several times – he vomits from them, and he reviles! And why did he need them, I read the notation of these drugs, they are for psychos! This time, they told me at school that I need to register it !? “

I went to talk with this family and the boy … From the very first minute of communication, I realized that the child is absolutely normal, draws well and without black paints, speech is well formed, explains well what he drew, his school supplies are in perfect order, in two hours During my stay there, I did not notice anything even close to the mentally abnormal behavior of this child. Their houses are clean. He loves to go to school, but says that his teacher calls him a nutcase.

I talked with the boy (Denis), with his mother and advised her not to go with a referral to the same child psychiatrist given to him at school for the second time, but to go straight to the regional children’s clinic and without a referral ask for an appointment with a psychiatrist there. They went … Bottom line, there a child psychiatrist said that everything is normal for the child and advised to drink drops and weed, that is. approached the child as a specialist, and not as a handicraftsman.

So, what is children’s hyperactivity – a reality ??? No, often it’s nonsense! teachers and the grief of doctors who simply – simply do not want to work with children, but are ready to stuff them with sedatives, and not try to interest them in the desire for knowledge!

Yes, and one more important fact – this is how grief of a teacher and grief of doctors usually behave with Single Mothers (this woman is a Single Mother!) And with children from families where they cannot or do not want to take care of their children. These grief … hope they get away with it!

We are specialists, citizens, parents should be more attentive to the fate of their children and to the fate of children in general, and the State should protect all its children!

Parents, be more attentive to your children – do not give them offense either to teachers, or to doctors, or to anyone!

And if anything, do not hesitate to contact the Specialists and the state. Organs

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