Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and sports

With neurological control in sports, two tasks are solved: 1) assessment of the health status of athletes; 2) determination of the functional state of the nervous system of athletes as one of the components of fitness. The solution of these two problems is important, first of all, when admitting to practicing a certain sport. No less significant is the establishment of the conformity of the used physical loads with the functional capabilities of athletes. In this regard, the neurological assessment of the athlete’s condition at each specific stage of training helps the coach determine the level of training requirements (volume… Read More

Psychobiological correction of attention in children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity

According to statistics, the percentage of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in preschool institutions and schools is increasing every year. The main manifestations are a lack of active attention, impulsivity and increased motor activity. Hyperactivity is based on minimal brain dysfunction (MBD). As emphasized by Zakharov A.I. ), MMD is accompanied by behavioral manifestations: increased excitability; restlessness; dispersion; disinhibition; lack of restraining principles; feelings of guilt and anxiety. They say about such children that they are without “brakes”. Sometimes hyperactivity is also accompanied by outbreaks of aggression caused by the constant dissatisfaction of others and a huge amount… Read More

G-hyperactivity. ADHD

Dictionary of children’s emotions and states G- Hyperactivity. Symptoms are excessive energy and mobility of the child and is often caused by a violation of attention. The term ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention deficit means that it is difficult for a child to focus on anything . In my opinion, the diagnosis of Hyperactivity is more logical for parents who begin to “develop” the child from the cradle. Now this is a very fashionable trend, and a parent who does not take a child to ” educators ” is considered at least strange. Fearing to miss something… Read More

Enuresis, tics, stuttering, hyperactivity, school failure. What to do?

Consultative-diagnostic and psycho -correctional assistance to children with social functioning disorders (tics, enuresis, stuttering) Guidelines Methodological recommendations were approved at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “GNTSSSP im. V.P. Serbian” of the Ministry of Health of Russia on December 7, 2012, Protocol No. 11. Reviewers: N.V. Simashkova – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department for the Study of Child Psychiatry Problems with the Child Autism Research Group of the Scientific Center for Mental Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; E.V. Koren is a Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the… Read More

About hyperactivity and what to do about it

Today, preschoolers and schoolchildren are often diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). At the same time, some experts are sure that there are genetic and physiological causes of ADHD, while others consider this syndrome a myth. “Hyperactivity is not a disease,” writes psychiatrist Sidney Walker. “This is a criminal fabrication by doctors who have no idea what is really happening with children.” Strong statement, right? At the same time, American doctors mostly prescribe medications for children diagnosed with ADHD. Our specialists prefer non-drug methods of working with hyperactive babies, believing that drugs can suppress a child’s excitability, but not… Read More

Children’s hyperactivity: when a child lacks patience

Author’s note: While working as a child psychologist at the Astrum Multidisciplinary Diagnostic and Treatment Center , I wrote this short article for the parents of those children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. The article was written for psychoeducational purposes and covered for parents, at times, such a confusing topic as “children’s hyperactivity”. A tireless, inattentive, impatient little child, often called “hyperactive”, he is like a “perpetual motion machine” or “Yule”, over and over again bringing parents to tears and frenzy, teachers and educators to irritation, anger and a sense of his own helplessness … Is he Is hyperactivity… Read More

Neurocorrection of a child with hyperactivity

“Flowers are the children of the plant kingdom, children are the flowers of the human kingdom.” Every parent wants the best for their child. But what if something went wrong. For example, a child is inattentive, restless, often distracted, problems with behavior, with motor skills, with memory, with speech, quickly gets tired or rushes around like a wind-up, etc. You can learn languages as much as you want, go to sports clubs, hire a bunch of tutors, but you won’t achieve the desired effect. Or the second option, which can sometimes even be heard from a doctor, the notorious “it… Read More

Causes and Risk Factors for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADHD)

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common disease, which is studied by both doctors and psychologists and educators. Manifestations in children are quite bright, these are extreme mobility, inattention, impulsivity and others that cause parents a lot of trouble. According to epidemiological studies, 4-12% of school-age children suffer from hyperactivity, according to other data, it ranges from 2.0 to 18.0%. The indicator has a wide range of values, since the assessment involves the subjectivity of diagnostic criteria, the opinion of parents, doctors and even teachers is taken into account, and the child’s behavior may change depending on the situation. It… Read More

ADHD (hyperactivity) – a sentence, or just a feature of the child?

Working for a long time with preschool children, I came to the disappointing conclusion that few parents know how ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) manifests itself in children and what it is in general. At the mere mention of ADHD, parents start to panic. Although there is nothing to panic about. This is not a terrible mental illness! Although, yes, the diagnosis is made by a psychiatrist or a neurologist. Then what is it? Today I will briefly tell you about it. To begin with, let’s make it clear for ourselves that doctors characterize ADHD as one of the manifestations… Read More

Hyperactivity in children

More about hyperactivity and ADHD. I will try to write in the most simple language, if it is not clear, write in the comments, I will try to clarify. There is an opinion that hyperactivity is high mobility, but not all mobile children are hyperactive, and there are also not very mobile and at the same time with hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is a feature of the nervous system, and this is not a disease; it cannot be cured, only compensated. What is its feature? Normally, the processes of excitation and inhibition (activity and rest) change harmoniously and automatically without separate efforts,… Read More