Month: January 2022

Hyperactivity in children

More about hyperactivity and ADHD. I will try to write in the most simple language, if it is not clear, write in the comments, I will try to clarify. There is an opinion that hyperactivity is high mobility, but not all mobile children are hyperactive, and there are also not very mobile and at the same time with hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is a feature of the nervous system, and this is not a disease; it cannot be cured, only compensated. What is its feature? Normally, the processes of excitation and inhibition (activity and rest) change harmoniously and automatically without separate efforts,… Read More

New adventures of Pinocchio, or hyperactivity

I recently met a wonderful boy. He stood next to his mother, but all of him, as it were, was everywhere. Hands, legs, head – lived their own separate lives. He just couldn’t stand still, dancing all the time, trying to run somewhere while having time to ask questions, answer and gesticulate. Parents sometimes say that there are “too many” such children. Looking at him, I involuntarily had an association with the hero of A. Tolstoy “The Golden Key or the Adventures of Pinocchio”. It is this restless wooden boy who constantly gets into the most incredible stories, is curious… Read More

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults

You can read about how attention deficit disorder in children develops and proceeds in the previously published article “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD) in Children”. This article will focus on the symptoms, course, and methods of treating the course of ADHD in adults. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not always detected in childhood. To be more precise, most likely, the signs of ADHD in childhood were ignored by adults – accordingly, there was no recourse to a specialist for help, and the diagnosis was not made. But there are cases when in early childhood the signs did not really… Read More

What to do with a child’s hyperactivity

The birth of a child is happiness, and if a healthy child is also born, then happiness is doubled. Overwhelmed with feelings, dreams and expectations, mom takes a breath in the maternity hospital before a life-long marathon. The first year of life flies by on trips to the clinic: weighing, measuring height, visiting specialists and getting vaccinated on time. All attention is on physiological development: healthy sleep, good appetite, the appearance and extinction of reflexes and the stability of the immune system. In other words , a healthy mind in a healthy body. And who would have thought that already… Read More

What is childhood hyperactivity?

“In every little child there are two hundred grams of explosives, or even half a kilo”? They often say about such a child that he has a small motor built in somewhere, they call him a nimble and fidget. It is difficult for such a child to sit still, he wants to run, grab, jump, knock, beat. And the mother of such a baby, after a whole day of empty running around and trying to calm an excessively mobile child, feels like the heroine of a cartoon about little monkeys. And then one of the acquaintances or teachers in kindergarten… Read More

Children’s hyperactivity is a way to cope with a changing and unsafe reality

Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) a mental disorder? What is child hyperactivity, where does the attention deficit come from and how to raise a restless child – said psychologist Yulia Konovalova. Despite the fact that hyperactivity and autism are more common in growing children in our time, in fact, attention deficit disorder is the inability to maintain attention for a long time on one object or action. Such children are very mobile, they constantly change activities and rarely bring something to the end. Such images as “an awl in one place”, “what I see, I sing about” are very… Read More