Hyperactivity in children

More about hyperactivity and ADHD.

I will try to write in the most simple language, if it is not clear, write in the comments, I will try to clarify.

There is an opinion that hyperactivity is high mobility, but not all mobile children are hyperactive, and there are also not very mobile and at the same time with hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is a feature of the nervous system, and this is not a disease; it cannot be cured, only compensated.

What is its feature?

Normally, the processes of excitation and inhibition (activity and rest) change harmoniously and automatically without separate efforts, for example, the child is tired, where he lay down and fell asleep. In a hyperactive child, excitation processes are easily triggered and inhibition does not work. If a hyperactive child is tired, he cannot relax and rest, instead, his nervous system is stimulated again and the child begins to act up, then more and more until an affective release of energy (hysteria) occurs, after which he will either fall asleep from exhaustion, or “hang on cartoons.

Why is that? There may be a sea of reasons, for us they are not important, since they can no longer be corrected, I propose not to fix attention on the reasons. And here is how to help the child, we will analyze.

The first thing to do is to understand that the child is not just mischievous, he functions this way and suffers from it himself. Then the mother faces a difficult and painstaking task, to learn to recognize when the child is tired and to highlight the signs of fatigue in this child. Next, you need to find a way to help the child relax, something that the nervous system does not do automatically, the mother should do instead of her and, in the future, teach the child to regulate himself closer to adolescence.

It is also important to say that these children have difficulty sleeping (difficulty falling asleep, disturbing sleep, scary dreams).

ADHD is sometimes aggravated by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which means that it is difficult for the child to keep attention on an object or goal, he constantly distracts me and skips . Often parents think that this is laziness or absent-mindedness, that the child simply does not try. In fact, on a physiological level, he is not able to do this without outside help.

How to help him?

When doing dz , be there and help to keep attention and do not scold, this only stimulates the nervous system and aggravates the situation. When you notice that the child freezes, take breaks that he could lie down, stretch, drink tea. Over time, stress resistance, attention span and self-regulation will increase and become easier. Be patient! Strength to you!

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