Month: October 2021

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

The term “attention deficit hyperactive child” was coined in 1980. However, until now, no one can say for sure – to what extent attention deficit disorder is the result of cerebral dysfunction, and to what extent – the result of improper upbringing and an incorrect psychological climate prevailing in the family. It makes sense for parents to show their child to a specialist if they notice the following features in his behavior: Inattention. Children are easily distracted, forgetful, and have difficulty concentrating and following instructions. They often lose school supplies and things. During the conversation, one gets the impression that they do not listen… Read More

Since birth, my son suffers from hyperactivity (diagnosis – MMD, GA with DV)

Question: Hello! Since birth, my son suffers from hyperactivity (diagnosis – MMD, GA with DV). He is 12 years old Inattention in everything, unwillingness to learn, deception, irritability when answering simple questions, unbalanced behavior with peers, disrespect for the female sex, renouncing one’s promises – this is an incomplete list of traits inherent in a guy. However, in addition to the negative traits, he is famous for the ability to tinker, eliminate defects in the PC, and help adults carry heavy burdens. My husband and I (48 years old and 38 years old) are tired of “struggling” with our son’s bad habits, and recently… Read More

Hyperactivity as a consequence of psychological trauma

60% of parents and teachers’ consultations with a psychologist are about hyperactive behavior of children. Some children are given hyperactivity (ADHD), others are not. When minimal brain dysfunction is excluded, hyperactivity is often a consequence of psychological trauma. And yes, this does not mean that the stressful situation happened once. It is often repeated, retraumatization and an increase in the symptom occur. How does this happen ?! Our body is cleverly designed – in a stressful situation, the basic instincts are triggered: fight or flight! For this, our body produces a huge amount of energy (I think you have heard a lot about… Read More

Hyperactivity in preschool children in theory and practice

I faced this problem exactly when I got a job as a psychologist in a kindergarten. At first, all the children seemed to me too active, due to the fact that I myself am phlegmatic by temperament, but then I learned to distinguish between pedagogical neglect and hyperactivity. Some children behaved actively and uncontrollably due to the peculiarities of family upbringing and the frequent change of caregiver, and some, even under the control of an experienced and rather strict educator, behave as if they have no self-control at all. Such children do not obey the rules, they do not seem to perceive them,… Read More

Hyperactivity is the evolution of human adaptation!

From the author: At the time of this writing, I wanted to make minimal use of academic and scientific character, but just follow professional logic and breathe a little metaphor into it. And most importantly, clarity, and with it the ability to take a fresh look at parents at their “overly” active children. Let’s imagine for a moment that the high activity of modern children is not a syndrome of a complex and multifaceted disease associated with various kinds of disorders in the central nervous system, but a certain stage in human evolution. After all, we have long been waiting for some… Read More