Hyperactivity is the evolution of human adaptation!

From the author: At the time of this writing, I wanted to make minimal use of academic and scientific character, but just follow professional logic and breathe a little metaphor into it. And most importantly, clarity, and with it the ability to take a fresh look at parents at their “overly” active children.

Let’s imagine for a moment that the high activity of modern children is not a syndrome of a complex and multifaceted disease associated with various kinds of disorders in the central nervous system, but a certain stage in human evolution. After all, we have long been waiting for some kind of continuation of evolution, in social networks there are already thousands of communities that are preparing, and some believe that they are already evolving, while doing various kinds of manipulations on themselves, testing their psyche and body for strength. Our brain is very adaptive to all kinds of external influences, in this our “testers” were very lucky … Let’s stay a little in the present, in the real world, then we will see that evolution is also real, and not something from the realm of fantasy, mutating creatures with an ugly and strong body, people who do not feel pain, do not need food and drink, flying people….

I will present the following point of view regarding the increased mobility and activity of children of the modern world.

Observation of hyperactive children began in 1798. Alexander Crichton, in his book Researching the Nature and Origin of Mental Disorder, describes mental properties that resemble a hyperactive child. To date, the number of such children has increased significantly, possibly due to the close attention of science and medicine, the influence of external factors, increased requirements in general education institutions, the age norm with which children go to school, complaints about “problem” children to psychologists, parents, doctors, and maybe all together.   

However, what is most attractive is the fact that when faced with this kind of man, science and doctors did not form appropriate images about this “object”. And everything that is alien to us and does not correspond to our ideas, it is not safe, and everything that is not safe is subject to either correction, or rejection (rejection) or destruction. This can easily be assumed based on the sciences that study the brain.   

Thus, we are “normal”, we adjust to our “ancient” system, “modern” children. 

The fact that we are in a hurry to live has ceased to be a secret for a long time, all our industrial development is directly related to acceleration. “Survival of the fittest” – all familiar with this saying, and the majority of the sight grows giant 2 meters tall, weighing 160 kg …, some also have associations with the hard-working, goal-oriented, with a strong will power a man, but few people before with the eyes a predator appears in pursuit of its prey; fast, well-muscled, practically fat-free, purposeful. That is, in the proverb under the concept of strength, all the necessary qualities are laid down, and not just steel muscles.   

It is such a predator that you need to be, no matter what to survive, but to live in our rapidly growing, high-speed social environment, where everyone is in a hurry, afraid to live late.

“Programming circuits in neural networks are built in such a way that everything that is negative, unnecessary, undesirable should be inhibited, and the necessary and desirable should be excited. Thus, in an advanced evolutionary system, the environment and behavior are judged as necessary or necessary.

In our society, speed and speed are needed. More specifically, arousal becomes necessary and desirable during various activities. The main problem is in the direction and control of this flow, the dosage of arousal and its strength, while the child is growing and developing. However, this is an evolution of personal adaptation and it cannot be perfect at all stages. “

Now, look at your highly mobile child, is he this predator? Fast, agile, purposeful – yes, yes, purposeful, only his goals do not coincide with our goals.

Such a child usually does not suffer from intellect, he has good mental operations, often a creatively gifted personality, coordination of movements normally develops, sometimes fine motor skills suffer, but this is a question of compensation.

 The nervous system of a modern person gives a huge advantage – this is the adaptation of the body, an increase in the speed of the body’s reaction to changing internal and external conditions.

 Here is one important segment of the evolution of the nervous system! The nervous system is not needed only by an organism that will remain motionless all its life. If it were not for our intense life activity, the abundance of stressful situations that force our body to adapt to external stimuli all the time, our nervous system would hardly have developed towards rapid adaptation. We would now have children who look more like plants in terms of mobility.     

“As soon as with the help of the evolutionary nervous system, animals were able to quickly adapt to changing conditions, actively seek out food and sexual partners, the time has come for the dynamic evolution of the animal world. Speed ​​solved almost all problems. Competition for food sources led to an endless variety of herbivorous organisms, but they themselves were more nutritious than plants. Even faster and more efficient predators should have had a more perfect nervous system than herbivores. This applied to both vertebrates and invertebrates. Those who possessed an efficient nervous system climbed to the top of the food chain faster, eating not coarse plant foods, but high-calorie relatives. “

 The same trend continues in the 21st century, only from a slightly different angle of events. Speed ​​remains an important resource for us to this day. This may well explain the increased number of highly mobile children, for whom the older generation simply does not keep up with the social system.

So maybe it is we and our current generation development system that are becoming obsolete? And are we unconsciously, or perhaps consciously, slowing down the evolution of human adaptation?

Are we actively fighting and treating more advanced organisms at a certain stage of development? 

We adjust them to our outdated system and thus cause a bunch of mental disorders in such children and write them off?

Think about it! Maybe your highly active, high-speed child is already a more perfect organism and combines all the necessary qualities for our high-speed world? And we are breaking it, instead of creating more modern conditions for development !!! 

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