Hyperactivity is a cross or a gift from God

    A hyperactive child has a neurological status from birth. Most likely, the birth was of a pathological nature, for example, premature or rapid. In the future, the child develops neurological symptoms such as pulsation of the fontanelle, prolonged non-tightening of the cranial sutures, hypertonicity, constant regurgitation after feeding, standing on tiptoe, etc. But the plasticity of the brain structures, in childhood, is able to compensate for the missing connections and the child is removed from the register of the neuropathologist, and the parents are left with his behavioral characteristics.

     Hyperactivity is more often characteristic of children with a choleric type of temperament, which is characterized by a weak type of nervous system and high excitability. It is characterized by unbridledness, irrepressibility, noisiness, persistence and excessive curiosity – the word “rattle child”. No word, he doesn’t understand. He needs constant attention, inner strength and great patience of his parents. Loving such a child is not easy. The limit of patience comes when a child is sent to a children’s collective or in a family, a second child appears. From him there is no rest either at home or in the kindergarten, and often mothers look like a squeezed lemon. It is understandable that educators constantly complain, make a bunch of complaints: your child is not assembled, disobedient, neither sit quietly nor play with the children, he can be heard throughout the kindergarten; it’s scary to leave it unattended, it will definitely climb somewhere, I always go by the handle with it. And this is not a complete list of dissatisfaction, splashing out on the poor mother, who by that time already has an inferiority complex. They begin to feel helpless, hopeless, and guilty. And here there is already a school and also nothing comforting. Such a child interferes with the whole class, uncomfortable for the teacher and quickly falls into the category of outcasts. And at the section of the coaches, the hair just stands on end.

       Finally, the child himself gets tired of all the claims, constant lectures, threats, and in addition to such children, parents often use physical measures of upbringing, and he just starts to get sick (tachycardia, heart neurosis, headache and abdominal pain, diarrhea, frequent trauma, depression). And he has no choice but to hate the whole world and himself.

       And this is not a complete list of the misadventures of a hyperactive child.

       Is it really that bad?

       I assure you – no.

       These children are able to feel deeply, think quickly, be responsive, courageous and selfless, only the approach to them should be different. Often growing up, they have a charismatic personality, their childish spontaneity persists for many years, they have an inexhaustible and infectious sense of joy, and the huge life experience that they have time to gain in childhood helps them to better understand people. And if mom manages to maintain a warm relationship with him, then she gets the full return.

        He will be the most reliable person for her.   

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