Month: September 2020

With Reductions in crime in people with attention deficit disorder

 Scientists have stated that criminal behavior in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drops dramatically when they take stimulants such as Ritalin to help them control their impulses. An analysis of more than 25,000 people with ADHD (a mental disorder characterized by absent-mindedness, impulsivity and sometimes aggressiveness) found that the number of crimes they committed was about a third lower among those taking medication. Past international studies show that up to two-thirds of young offenders and half of prison inmates suffered from ADHD during childhood. Many of them may still have symptoms. Previous research has shown that people with ADHD have, on average,… Read More

ADD, or what is attention deficit disorder

Attention deficit disorder is a psychological disease. It occurs in childhood, but cases of manifestation of the syndrome in adults are not excluded. Although the name of the disease makes you smile, the consequences of developing ADD are dire. Etiology of attention deficit disorder ADD is a disease that affects the social sphere of a person’s life and does not allow normal realization. Depending on the symptomatic picture and the nature of the manifestation, the syndrome is divided into several types: Hyperactivity Impulsiveness Mixed type The causes of the syndrome are heredity and pathological influence. A pathological effect on the functioning of the… Read More

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder : How to Recognize Symptoms?

This syndrome, a phenomenon that usually develops in childhood, but the appearance in adults is far from rare (due to the lack of assistance in childhood). It refers to disorders of the nervous system, and in the future can lead to problems of being in society. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurological pathology characterized by behavioral disorders (inattention, impulsivity), as well as excessive hyperactivity.  CLASSIFICATION Mostly inattentive type. Predominantly hyperactive type. Combined type. CAUSES infectious diseases of the mother during pregnancy; smoking, drinking alcohol and other illegal drugs during gestation; risk of miscarriage; premature / prolonged labor; chronic diseases of the… Read More

Children’s hyperactivity: to treat or “wait out”?

Almost all preschool children show increased activity – they are constantly in action, doing something, running, jumping, breaking. Of course, this behavior is more than normal for young children. But in some cases, the mobility and activity of children is “off scale. In such cases, experts are already talking about such a concept as children’s hyperactivity .  Hyperactive children are not always attentive, they are too impulsive, they have a fairly high degree of physical activity, and constantly. In addition, hyperactivity is accompanied by difficulties in relationships with others, learning problems and … low self-esteem. But the child’s intellectual development does not depend on the degree of… Read More

Scientists: hyperactivity in children is caused by lack of sun

According to researchers from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, children who live in the sunniest areas are less likely to suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than others. Scientists also believe that the sun’s rays protect the nervous system of children from various negative factors. Dutch scientists have found that in the sunniest areas there are very few children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They came to this conclusion after studying a map of the United States and nine other countries, shaded by the number of manifestations of ADHD per person and finding out how many sunny… Read More