Month: July 2022

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Recently, many parents, teachers, psychologists are faced with children whose motor activity goes beyond the notions of just a mobile child. Most children are mobile, impulsive, emotional, but at the same time they are attentive and can follow the instructions of adults. What is ADHD? ADHD is a violation of cognitive processes (attention) associated with the manifestation of a chronic disorder of brain functions, manifested in behavior, relationships and social environment. Hyperactivity – a condition in which the activity and excitability of a person exceeds the norm. If such behavior is a problem for others, hyperactivity acts as a behavioral… Read More

ADHD – hyperactive children

Recently, we are increasingly hearing the concept of a “hyperactive” child. What is he? What are the causes of hyperactivity in a child? What to do in this situation. Our topic today will be devoted to children’s hyperactivity. Signs of a hyperactive child . ADHD hyperactive children Usually they say about such a child that he is with a “motor” or “perpetual motion machine”, “all on hinges”. Especially naughty are the hands of a hyperactive child, because they are constantly touching, breaking, throwing something. Such a child is constantly on the move, he cannot walk calmly, he is constantly running… Read More

Symptoms of hyperactivity

Hyperactive children are children who have a hyperdynamic syndrome, manifested in distractibility and motor disinhibition. The hyperdynamic syndrome is based on non- focal disorders of the reticular formation (the subcortical structure that is responsible for the activation of the cerebral cortex ), which is in a state of increased activity. The cerebral cortex is also in a state of increased activity, which makes it difficult to form arbitrariness of behavior . Such children cannot perform any actions for a long time, they are constantly on the move, it is very difficult to educate them. In such children, 3 groups of… Read More

Tips for Parents of Hyperactive Children

From the Author: By often appealing to hyperactivity, parents, as it were, relieve themselves of responsibility for children’s behavior. However, when certain conditions and rules are created, the behavior of a hyperactive child is successfully corrected. Tips for Parents of Hyperactive Children Most often, parents notice difficulties in the behavior of the child after the start of school. It turns out that the child is restless, inattentive, distracted by everything, does not want and does not like to study, bullies at school, although in general they often say about such children: “Able, but lazy. Maybe when you want!” It would… Read More

Children and hyperactivity Dear adults! I am a hyperactive child. If you press the brake pedal in a car, it will travel many, many more meters before it stops. All drivers know that it is necessary to stop the car gradually. I’m like this car – a big and powerful truck. Activity is about me. I can’t sit still. My arms and legs are always in motion. Also, I don’t sleep well. I want to answer the question before I finish listening to it. I am very chatty, I talk always and everywhere and even alone with myself. I interrupt… Read More