Treatment of hyperactivity in children

Treatment of hyperactivity in children is based on eliminating the causes of the syndrome. Hyperactivity is quite common among young patients. This phenomenon negatively affects the adaptation of the child in society. According to research, hyperactive children are about 18%. Boys are more susceptible to this syndrome than girls.

Signs of hyperactivity

The main signs of hyperactivity: restlessness, distracted attention, difficulty concentrating on an object (toy) and performing a task, poor memory, impulsive behavior, delayed speech development, poor sleep. If you have a hyperactive child, only a doctor can determine the treatment . With similar symptoms, it is worth visiting a pediatrician first, he will talk about methods and techniques for dealing with hyperactivity for better adaptation in society.  

Various factors can provoke hyperactivity disorder. It all starts with the formation of the nervous system during pregnancy, so lifestyle and environment have a significant impact. The course of pregnancy and childbirth can leave a mark on the baby’s nervous system. To determine hyperactivity, routine examinations by a neuropathologist will help; timely correction of hyperactivity will eliminate problems in the future.  

Hyperactivity Suppression Techniques

More often, hyperactivity is diagnosed in preschoolers and students in grades 1-2. This manifests itself in inattention, difficulty in assimilating the material, poor grades and difficulty in sitting at a desk. It will be difficult for such a child to adapt to a new team. If you observe these symptoms in your child, then you should consult a therapist or neuropathologist. If the doctor diagnoses hyperactivity, then all the measures prescribed by him should be taken.

On the part of the parents, the child should be surrounded by care, not yelling at the baby, if necessary, repeat the required task several times until the child concentrates. Avoid stressful situations in the family, observe the daily routine, enroll the child in the sports section, swimming or dancing. 

If you have a hyperactive child, sedative treatment is acceptable for children over a year old. The herbs lemon balm and chamomile give some positive results. If all the recommendations are followed, the child will learn to control his actions.

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