Hyperactivity is a diagnosis or disorder of parenting style

If your child is hyperactive

In the syndrome of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, treatment of only the child is probably not worth it. After all, no matter how much a specialist works with a baby, if you do not change the situation, the world around you, the result will still not be achieved. That is why modern medicine for the rehabilitation of children with ADHD provides for mandatory family psychotherapy, during the sessions of which parents begin to understand that the health of their child largely depends on the kind, calm and consistent attitude of adults towards him.

Parents are taught to avoid two extremes:

  • on the one hand, manifestations of excessive pity and permissiveness;
  • on the other hand, setting excessive demands that the child is not able to fulfill, combined with excessive punctuality, cruelty and sanctions (punishments).

Parents are taught that frequent changes in direction and fluctuations in their moods have a much deeper negative impact on such children than on others, and are taught how to cope with this.

It has been noticed that family psychotherapy sessions are useful not only for parents who feel helpless or guilty for their “bad” child, for the shortcomings of his upbringing, etc., but also for the children themselves. Together they try to solve a problem that the child himself is not aware of. After all, the classes do not just say what to do, how to behave, but a situation is created that highlights the conflict from the inside and they look at it with different eyes. New opportunities are opening up to solve this task, which has now become not so difficult.

We emphasize once again that there is no universal treatment method suitable for any category of patients for any disease. Even the most impeccable method still needs to be “tailored” to a specific person. After all, as poets write, even snowflakes are not the same, and then what can we say about such a complex system as the human body.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder requires individual treatment all the more. In this case, we are talking about violations of brain functions, about neurological problems. Naturally, it is better not to rely on any one technique, but to choose a set of measures with the help of a specialist, which should include psychological correction, and rehabilitation with the help of special physical education, and a properly selected diet, and pedagogical techniques. The main thing is to see a doctor in time. Remember that ADHD, unlike many other neurological diseases, responds well enough to treatment and has more optimistic prognosis, but on condition that therapy and rehabilitation are carried out in a timely manner.

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