Hyperactive child: how to make homework easier?

Hyperactive child how to make homework easier

The difficult third quarter has begun, and more and more parents who are in varying degrees of brutality from the process of doing homework with their child are contacting me.

Unfortunately, lessons are rarely enjoyable for both children and their parents. What if the child is hyperactive? With difficulty concentrating? Parents of such a child usually find it even more difficult to cope with the rigors of doing homework, especially if the child is overexcited, frustrated or too tired. Hyperactive children, in principle, find it difficult to organize their activities and their environment, they cannot keep their attention on performing the necessary educational actions for a long time (and this is not their whim or whim, this is a condition associated with the peculiarities of their nervous system!). How can you at least slightly reduce the feeling of universal horror caused by the phrase “time to do homework”?

First of all, a hyperactive child needs an absolutely quiet and calm workplace. Many children can do their homework in the kitchen while their mother cooks dinner, or in the living room while their little sister watches cartoons on TV. This is absolutely not an option for a hyperactive child. They need a specially organized workplace with a minimum of distractions. It is often difficult for hyperactive children to sit quietly in one place. This is a natural feature of their condition. Movement helps them focus. Therefore, the “dancing chair” option can sometimes seriously help in solving existing problems.

Another important point concerns the structuring of time. Hyperactive children find it difficult to maintain attention for a long time. This must be taken into account. Approximately estimate the period of time during which the child can work more or less productively. And divide the execution of tasks into such small “pieces”. It is not necessary to take long breaks, it is often enough to give the child an apple slice or invite him to jump a few times so that he takes a little break and returns to completing tasks.

Establishing a clear daily routine is another good way to help a hyperactive child with homework. Try to invent with him some understandable system. Let him make a list of what needs to be done, and note the work done on it. You can get a beautiful folder with the inscription “done” and put “finished” notebooks there. Agree exactly when the child should start doing homework: for example, he comes from school, has a snack, plays with the dog for ten minutes and sits down at his workplace….

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