What to do if the child is in the hospital

All parents would like their children to grow up healthy and get sick as rarely as possible. However, not a single child is insured against diseases, and in some cases effective treatment is possible only in a hospital setting. In such a situation, it is in the power of the parents to make the forced stay of the baby outside the home more comfortable.

Child from 0 to 2 years old

For young children, the most important person is the mother, so it is important not to leave the baby without her in the hospital. To create a homely atmosphere in the ward, you can take your favorite toy, diapers and blanket with you. All these things have a familiar smell to the child, and in their environment it will be easier for the child to adapt to the new environment. In the hospital, the child should eat his usual food – breast milk or formula that you usually give. During unpleasant procedures, it is especially important to be close to the baby. If injections, examinations and other medical manipulations are not carried out in conditions of complete sterility, and you are allowed to enter the treatment room, hold the child in your arms – in this case, he will feel safe.

Child from 0 to 2 years old

There must be a close adult with preschool children in the hospital, but not necessarily a mother. According to Art. 51 FZ N 323, free stay with children in a medical institution is allowed for the father, grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives. If none of the family members can take sick leave, you can “watch” in the ward in turn. To make the child less homesick and feel more comfortable, try to bring his daily routine as close as possible to the usual. If the baby is used to falling asleep early, you can measure the temperature yourself before going to bed, and during the evening walk, do not wake the child. Preschoolers are often much more afraid of injections and other procedures than children under 2 years of age. To distract your child from worries, come up with new games and entertainment every day. They should be calm enough so as not to interfere with other patients and not interfere with the course of treatment.

Child 7 years old or more

Children of primary school age are usually in the hospital without parents, so it is important to visit the child as often as possible so that he does not feel lonely. If possible, invite your toddler’s friends or classmates to the hospital. Check in advance if it is possible to visit the child in the ward during office hours or if all meetings should take place only in the lobby and lobby. If possible, give your child a mobile phone so that he can talk to you at any time. To make the baby less afraid of the upcoming procedures, tell us about how and why they are performed (this information can be obtained from the attending physician).

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