If the child has hyperactivity

The hyperactivity of modern children is no longer nonsense. Many parents face the challenges of raising a hyperactive child. Of course, I agree that there is no reason to panic: with age, the nervous system is balanced. But such a child needs special attention and understanding from adults. It is very difficult and sometimes simply unbearably difficult for parents to cope with a restless child. How to help your child?

Sometimes children need to be given the opportunity to throw out energy, but, because. Excitation easily turns into overexcitation; it is difficult for the child to stop. Here you need the help of an adult in changing activities.

In the game, the change of action is also important – movement and relaxation (pause), alternation of the quality of movement – quickly – slowly, sharply – smoothly, chaotically – purposefully.

A child learns new behaviors from an adult, so it is important to join in his game, but at the same time stay at your own comfortable pace.

Change roles. For example, at first the child controls your actions and gives you commands, and then you become the leader and control him.

If the child attends a kindergarten, it is better to talk to the teachers and ask them for help. Why is it important? If a child spends most of his time in a kindergarten, then his behavior may not be understandable and cause negative emotions on the part of educators. The child will experience stress during such interaction.

Help your child relax. Here you can use different methods of relaxation (depending on the age of the child): listening to classical music, the sound of the sea or the sound of rain, meditation, resting lying on your back, stomach, sitting. Relax with your child, because raising and understanding children is sometimes hard work for an adult who also needs rest!

In moments of rest, teach the child to breathe deeply and calmly.

It is very difficult for such children to remain calm and do nothing, so it is important to praise and support the child when he tries to complete this difficult task.

case from practice

The five-year-old boy wore down the whole family, as my mother told me. During the consultation, he chaotically moved around the room and made a loud noise. I let the child do what he wants. After a while, he turned his attention to me. I stood still and watched him. We began to move around the hall together, but the movement became more organized, because. we have become airplanes. We have set up barriers. Our task was to move without knocking down obstacles and not collide with each other. At the end of the lesson, we landed – slowly and smoothly and turned off the engines. Restored breathing and returned to a more relaxed rhythm.

Teach your child to control time. It’s important to tell the time. If the child needs free time to play, then you agree and negotiate the time. For example, after 10 minutes we leave the house. Then in a situation where you really need to stop something pleasant and exciting, the child will eventually learn not to be capricious. Such a campaign is more understandable and less traumatic for children than when an adult, without explanation, simply takes and does what he sees fit. This is especially true in the case of hyperactive children. Of course, despite all the agreements, the child can forget about the time. Don’t be afraid to remind him of the time or ask him once during the game how much more he needs to finish something.

Parents of hyperactive children often feel guilty and ashamed, so they ignore any help from specialists. Unfortunately, not all parents have the patience and understanding of the child. Therefore, contacting a specialist is the key to the harmonious development of the child and peace in the family!

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