Fairytale therapy of children’s problems. Hyperactivity

From the author: A fairy tale is truly magical power. 

     A hyperactive child is characterized by constant motor restlessness, problems with concentration, impulsivity, and “uncontrollable” behavior. Research shows that this syndrome occurs in about 20% of school-age children, with boys being four times more likely than girls. The “intolerance” and “uncontrollability” of these children causes a lot of trouble to those around them – teachers, educators, peers and parents. Many parents ask the question “what to do?” and feel helpless and guilty about their child’s behavior.     I work in a school, and hyperactive children constantly come to me to unload emotionally. They are very fond of working with sand. And also listen to fairy tales. Each fairy tale is written for a specific child and his problem. But I am sure that this tale will be useful to many children. Today I propose an author’s tale about a fidget grasshopper.
 Far – far beyond the seas and oceans, a forest has grown on a magical island. Various creatures lived in it: graceful deer with branchy antlers; big bears who loved honey the most; cunning chanterelles who could fool anyone; motley birds, which with their singing could attract attention for a very long time; bugs, spiders, snails and caterpillars are different … And the inhabitants of the forest lived in friendship, helped each other, and each played his role in the life of the forest. Everyone in the forest had their own responsibilities. And in a clearing in the lush grass lived a young grasshopper. His wings were green, his eyes were smart, and his legs were very jumpy. Our grasshopper jumped from one blade of grass to another, drank the morning dew and did not listen to anyone. And he didn’t listen because his legs were too bouncy. He was glad to hear what the adults were saying, only he could not resist on the spot. The adults didn’t like that they couldn’t rely on a young grasshopper. Somehow the Bear collected all the living creatures of the forest in a clearing and says:- brought me the message on the tail of a magpie. There will soon be a competition between the inhabitants of the forest for the most beautiful drawing. And here’s what I decided. We will draw our green grasshopper and send the drawing to the competition.The animals agreed with the elder, although many wanted to draw them, not a grasshopper.And the grasshopper was pleased that he was chosen from all the inhabitants of the forest.- Only – says the Bear – while they will draw you, you need to sit quietly, not move, so that the drawing is beautiful.A grasshopper sat, sat, but could not stand it. He began to jump from blade to blade. Jump and come back. He sits a little and jumps again, disappears from the artist’s field of vision.The artist completed the drawing. The grasshopper looks and does not recognize himself. Eight legs, five wings, two heads … he was upset, he became sad.Bear looked at the drawing and asked the artist- how did you do it? After all, this is not at all what a grasshopper looks like. Here he does not look like himself at all.- So he jumped all the time. I didn’t sit still, I did what I wanted. So it turned out like this – distorted. – answered the artist.- You can’t put up such a drawing for a competition. Let’s draw someone else – Bear suggested.The grasshopper heard this and completely lost heart. I wanted his portrait to go to the competition.I thought and said to the Bear:- no need to draw another. I sit quietly as long as necessary. I will try very hard.- well – the Bear agreed – remember that you need to sit quietly and listen to what the artist says as much as necessary.The grasshopper sat quietly and fulfilled the artist’s requests. It turned out to cope with the grasshopper with its jumping legs.And that drawing took first place in the competition.

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