Shipping Policy

We have developed organized and loyal shipping policy. All products are carefully checked before sending them to customers. As we work worldwide, our customer may live in any country, and so the shipping period may vary. Bear in mind that the terms of the shipment may take from 8 business days to 5 weeks.

EMS. We offer our clients the fastest way of the shipment by means of EMS. A courier will bring your package right to your house in about 7 business days.

AirMail. If you have planned your course of the treatment and do not need the pills urgently, you may use AirMail shipment. A package will be delivered in about 5 weeks.

We want to emphasize, that the terms of the shipment depend on various factors. These are weather conditions, winter holidays, national events, and other circumstances. It may all affect the period of the shipment. We always warn our customers about any delays.

Solid Packaging

We use only proved and solid packing materials for the transportation. As the shipment may take a long period, we put additional materials for better protection. All packages with the pills have special moisture absorbents that will protect the products.

Full Confidentiality

Packages do not contain any names of the medical products. It has address and a name of a recipient. We understand that some medical issues are very delicate, and we do not want to break your confidentiality. We assure you, that nobody will know about the content of your order.

Order Status

Our balanced system will keep customers informed about any changes with the order. All information about an order status will be sent to an email specified during the placing an order. The information will include all details about products that have been bought, time when it has been ordered, about payment, and shipment terms.

It is very convenient to control and monitor all order status changes. Of course, there are no perfect things, and some failures may happen. In case of unforeseen circumstances that may affect the order status, a customer will be informed.

How to check an order status?

  • By email. An email address is obligatory during ordering online. A customer has to indicate correct and active email address. All our notifications will be sent to the email address. And all changes about the order status may be checked there.
  • On our website. A customer can go to our website at any time, and check an order status using a number of the order. Any order gets its own number during processing. This number may be entered on our website (on special user area), and all information about the order will be available.

In addition, our professional customer support is always available, and any customer, or a user of our website can easily contact us to get more information about anything on our website.

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To check order status You need to fill Transaction Sum as it appears in your statement & last 4 digits of credit card number.

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