How to pay for an order?

You may pay for an order by means of a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and E-Checks.

Are there service fees?

Service fees may be charged by a bank. We recommend to contact your bank to find out more details about it.

What countries do you deliver packages to?

We deliver package to all countries. The international delivery is provided.

Who can place an order on your website?

People of full age can place an order on our website.

How many pills may I order at a time?

We allow ordering as many pills, as needed.

Do you offer discounts?

Our customers receive 10% off for the second order. There are also holiday discounts.

Is a prescription needed?

No, a prescription is not needed. You may buy medicines without prescription on our website.

Why do you offer such low prices?

We work directly with the manufacturers of a product, and we do not use additional space for our workers, as we work online. We do not spend money on a promotion of a product, because it is well-known. That is why, we offer our customers a product at a real cost, without extra charges.

What are the shipping methods?

There are two methods: EMS and AirMail. Please, go to Shipping policy to find out more.

Do you deliver the package to a home address?

Yes, we can deliver your package to your home address. A courier may also bring it to your office, if you want.

Do you sell Generics?

Yes, we sell Generic products.

Does Generic drug differ from a brand drug?

The difference lies in a name of a drug, a package of a drug, a shape of a pill, and a cost of a drug. As to the rest, Generics have the same active ingredients, and the same action in the treatment.

What products do you offer?

The whole assortment of products may be found on our main page. If you are looking for pills that are not listed on our website, please contact us and we will recommend you reliable platforms.

How is order placed?

Go to the website, select a number of the pills you want to order, add it to your shopping cart. Then enter your name, email address, and post address. Your order will be processed within 24 hours. We have developed clear website, and so all steps will be described.

How long should I wait for my order?

Your order may be delivered in about 8 business days during the EMS, or within 5 weeks during the AirMail. You should plan your order in advance to start the treatment properly.

How do you protect my personal data?

All data is encrypted. We use SSL certificate, and so nobody can read your message and personal information. We constantly check for new updates in this field.

How do you pack my order?

We use solid and special packing materials. We do not offer medicines, that need special storage conditions (for example, fridge), because we do not want to harm your body. We pack blisters (every blister has 10 pills, on the average) into tight envelope. It also has special moisture adsorbents that will protect the pill during the transportation.

Can I track my order?

Some order will have a special tracking number, that gives a possibility to check and monitor a progress of the transportation. The tracking numbers are available for packages during the EMS shipment.

Why is my package not delivered?

If you have not received your package within 6 weeks, it may be lost, or delayed at the customs. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your order number. We will send you another package with the same order free of charge.

How to select a proper dosing?

Only a health care professional is able to make a diagnosis and prescribe proper doses. See a doctor to get instructions in what dosing to take the drug. If you have already taken the drug, you should know the dosing. If you cannot find the correct dosing, you may order pills in a higher dose, and then you may divide this pill to have the correct dose.

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